WELCOME to the website of the innovative TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan. This groundbreaking mobile extraction fan has been developed especially for the farming and livestock industries to greatly improve ventilation in all enclosed livestock housing units.

Farmers and Livestock personnel must always observe Health and Safety regulations and apply common sense when agitation of slurry is taking place. The addition of the TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan to your new or existing slurry agitator improves the operation of your agitator. It reduces the risk of both personnel and livestock being overcome by dangerous gases and fumes during agitation in the internal farm and livestock facility working environment.

The TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan quickly expels toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphite, ammonia and methane during slurry agitation as well as associated odours in and around slurry pits, slatted sheds etc. It prevents the dangerous build up of these toxic elements and particularly during calm weather and represents a major advance in overall Heath and Safety on your farm or livestock facility.

Furthermore, the TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan also gives you the freedom to agitate slurry anytime and not just on sufficiently windy days thus relieving the pressure on those ever present farming and livestock management time constraints as spreading deadlines approach.